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Doug has been giving me massage for quite awhile. I have problems with my neck. I feel better after the massage and I have better range of motion with my neck.

Dottie S

I met Doug back in Daytona in October 2007 and I never had had a relaxing massage before. I was not sure if I would like it, if I would be able to relax and, as I am very ticklish, if I would even stand it ;-)) But I said to myself, all they are giving me here is so perfect, why should this not be perfect as well … and I signed up and had set the route for my first in life time massage and relaxing session. 10 Minutes worth half a day in the SPA, I don’t know how all the techniques are called but they felt great, muscles relaxed and my brain manage to turn off thinking for a few moments. I felt so, so good afterwards, fresh and ready to absorb more information at the seminar. I was very lucky as I had the honor of receiving Doug’s massage again this year in May and again he managed to make disappear the tiredness out of my body, being gentle and kind and always laughing, an asset that today too few people actually have! Thank You Doug, these two chair massages you gave me were wonderful and I hope to have soon a new possibility to appreciate it again!

All the very best Your Kasia G. from Vienna, Austria


"The best description of Doug is that he gives a great massage and has a great personality. After my massage I felt I could finish my day’s work relaxed."

Elizabeth S


Doug is quite a guy! He really cares about his clients and he shows it. He always eases the stress and tightness in my upper back and shoulders, and I come away feeling better both physically and emotionally. He’s one of those people that you feel instantly at ease with.

Linda S

I have known Doug Dawson for over a year now, and not only is he one of the nicest and honest men you will ever meet, he gives the best massage you will ever have.

My husband was in the military for over 20 years and we have traveled the world.  I have had massages in Korea , the Caribbean , Indonesia , Hong Kong and all over the United States .  I can honestly say none of them compare to the massages Doug has given me.

I promise, you will never want to get off the table."  

Lynda Parker

"When I walk into Doug’s therapy room, tense with the stresses and anxieties of everyday life, all my problems dwindle away for the entirety of that session! It’s like a cloud is removed from my head and when I leave there is a new cloud is beneath my feet!  "

Casey Caldwell

"Doug does a great job of  relaxing me and then my entire ecoskeletal system gets the royal treatment."

Larry Smith

Serving Northern Pinellas County and Southern Pasco County.

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East Lake, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor,
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Massage by Doug Dawson

Massage Fusion
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Table Massage by
Doug Dawson

My special massage technique creates a seamless flow across your body so that my hands never break contact with your body or even stop moving as I go from one area of your body to the next.

To begin my specialty massage, you will be lying face down. I very gently place my hands on their shoulder blades and softly rock them with a circular motion. I then go slowly down the back and come up the sides increasing pressure as I spread out the oil using effleurage. The pressure I use throughout the massage is firm, yet gentle and smooth. This will coax your parasympathetic nervous system to take over (rest and digest). As the muscles are stretched and kneaded, your muscles will become like putty and you are beginning to feel calming sensations throughout your body!

The shoulder blades are areas that are usually very tight. This is a good place to begin the loosening process and it feels does going down the back slowly and coming up the sides. This sets the stage for total relaxation.

"I have had the pleasure of enjoying Doug's table massages for several years now.

What a guy! His upbeat spirit is what first attracted me to him. I was laughing everytime I left my massage...and feeling good...both in body and in spirit.

You just can't find people like Doug anymore. He's a real gem and you'll never regret a moment that you brought Doug ...and his special massage...into your life."

Bonnie Hazlett
Business Owner
Harbor Watch, FL

After spreading the oil, I return to the neck and then to the shoulders and the upper back. From there I slowly move down the back and over to the left side kneading my way back up to the shoulder, onto the upper arm, back to the shoulder and down the side again. I then go up to the neck again and this is repeated on the right side as well which feels incredibly wonderful!! People often carry their stress in these areas so it's important to give lots of attention here. When I'm kneading, stretching, pressing, or gliding the neck and shoulders...they are relieved of their tension and tightness.

As I use effleurage down the arm, I pick it up and move it so it hangs off the side of the table, I go down the arm, kneading as I go, then cover the hand and fingers with oil. I pick up the arm and stretch it out in front of the table and glide down the arm...all the way down the side and back up....oh, how very awesome this is!! I place the arm back on the table beside you and knead the arm up and down twice, massage the hand and each finger. This is done on each side before moving to the legs. Gliding down the side and back will usually trigger a deep, cleansing breath that will surely signal that the parasympathetic nevous system is in control...that's if it isn't already!

After spreading out the oil on the left leg, I begin kneading the leg from the ankle, going up and down the leg four times using my techniques, adding long strokes in between. Then I move to the feet. Going up and down the leg as I do not only feels very, very also loosens the tight overworked muscles that have been carrying you don't always realize just how much they need what I do to them until it's being done. Wow what a relief!

Who doesn't love to have their feet massaged? All of my clients just LOVE this! I cover the feet with the oil (and between the toes...wonderful). Starting at the heel, I make circular motions and travel up the foot to the toes, back down to the heel. With thumbs side by side I push them inch by inch up to the toes...move my thumbs further apart and travel back down to the heel. I then massage each toe, rubbing them and making a circular motion with each one. This will extend your state of relaxation as working the feet this way will have an effect on your body as a whole. Talk about being unwound!!!

I push pressure points up and down the foot and raise the leg to make a large circle three times with the lower leg (range of motion). I lower the foot, making various strokes and move to the right leg and repeat. After performing wonder techniques on the right leg, I make a final long sweep up the left leg to the hand, up the arm to the the head where I massage with my special head techniques. Many of my clients say this is the best part of the massage by far! Very few massage therapists use the head techniques that I do. My head massage will put you over the top....and if you had a head ache before, it would be long gone by the time I'm done!

I then make feather strokes down the back and then it's time for you to turn over,

Now lying on your back, I begin with a long sweeping movement down the arm and from there I use petrissage and a series of stretches that feel oh so good.

Petrissage are massage movements with applied pressure which are deep and compress the underlying muscles. Kneading, wringing, skin rolling and pick-up-and-squeeze are the petrissage movements often used in my massage.

Moving to the other arm and from there to the right leg, then to the foot. Moving to the left leg I repeat my wonder massage...returning to the right leg and then back up the arm to the shoulder and head where I finish the massage.

By now your blood circulation and lymph system are on the oxygen rich blood and nutrients throughout your body. The increased lymph activity will be enhancing your immunity! You will feel truly AWESOME and will receive many healthful benefits from this wonderful experience!!!

And you'll love every moment of it! I have many happy clients who think I'm the best thing since sliced bread!

Doug Dawson

I am a relaxation specialist offering deep tissue & relaxation massage. The techniques I use will be determined at the time of service and tailored to your specific needs. You will feel as though you are floating as I melt away your stress and tension accompanied by gentle, soothing music.

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Doug A.Dawson
Licensed Massage Therapist
MA 46315