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Doug has been giving me massage for quite awhile. I have problems with my neck. I feel better after the massage and I have better range of motion with my neck.

Dottie S

I met Doug back in Daytona in October 2007 and I never had had a relaxing massage before. I was not sure if I would like it, if I would be able to relax and, as I am very ticklish, if I would even stand it ;-)) But I said to myself, all they are giving me here is so perfect, why should this not be perfect as well … and I signed up and had set the route for my first in life time massage and relaxing session. 10 Minutes worth half a day in the SPA, I don’t know how all the techniques are called but they felt great, muscles relaxed and my brain manage to turn off thinking for a few moments. I felt so, so good afterwards, fresh and ready to absorb more information at the seminar. I was very lucky as I had the honor of receiving Doug’s massage again this year in May and again he managed to make disappear the tiredness out of my body, being gentle and kind and always laughing, an asset that today too few people actually have! Thank You Doug, these two chair massages you gave me were wonderful and I hope to have soon a new possibility to appreciate it again!

All the very best Your Kasia G. from Vienna, Austria


"The best description of Doug is that he gives a great massage and has a great personality. After my massage I felt I could finish my day’s work relaxed."

Elizabeth S


Doug is quite a guy! He really cares about his clients and he shows it. He always eases the stress and tightness in my upper back and shoulders, and I come away feeling better both physically and emotionally. He’s one of those people that you feel instantly at ease with.

Linda S

I have known Doug Dawson for over a year now, and not only is he one of the nicest and honest men you will ever meet, he gives the best massage you will ever have.

My husband was in the military for over 20 years and we have traveled the world.  I have had massages in Korea , the Caribbean , Indonesia , Hong Kong and all over the United States .  I can honestly say none of them compare to the massages Doug has given me.

I promise, you will never want to get off the table."  

Lynda Parker

"When I walk into Doug’s therapy room, tense with the stresses and anxieties of everyday life, all my problems dwindle away for the entirety of that session! It’s like a cloud is removed from my head and when I leave there is a new cloud is beneath my feet!  "

Casey Caldwell

"Doug does a great job of  relaxing me and then my entire ecoskeletal system gets the royal treatment."

Larry Smith

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Massage by Doug Dawson

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How do I need to dress for a massage?

Usually you would disrobe to your comfort level. You may disrobe completely if you wish, your privacy is paramont. You will be draped with a sheet in such a way that there is zero chance of any exposure.

Can my husband & I have a massage at the same time?

Since I am by myself I can do one after the other.

What is a relaxation massage?

A relaxation massage is one that will initiate a parasympathetic responce. Relaxation methods combine moving, stretching, tensing, and then releasing muscles. The heart rate and breathing rate are synchronized while the client focuses on slow, rhythmic music.

I have a concern over a former injury to my body. Will you take note of that when you give the massage?

Yes, you will fill out an intake form and list any injuries, surgery, medications, etc... and this confidential information will be recorded in your file.

Is there any advantage to having massage every week?

Yes, regular massage will make a huge difference in how you feel as it increases your circulation, and lymph flow, increases your immunity, improves your mood, gives you energy. Regular massage plays a major part in how healthy and youthful you stay as you get older. What a nice way to improve and maintain your health!

How often should I have a massage?

Weekly massage is most beneficial, however, if you are unable to get massage as often as that you may choose to get one every other week or even once a month. I have had clients that would get massage twice a week for certain injuries from car accidents or an on the job injury.

Will you customize your massage to my individual needs?

Yes, that will be discussed before your first massage.

I have ticklish feet. Will you avoid my feet in massage?

I apply enough pressure that should avoid tickling you, but if your feet are very sensitive to touch of any kind I will do what ever needs to be done for your comfort.

I don't like oil on my face--do you put oil on my body?

I will not put oil on your face if you don't like it. I usually use oil on the body, but if you have a sensitivity to the oil I will use lotion instead.

What's deep tissue massage? Do you give those? is there a different price for this?

In deep tissue massage there is less attention on pleasure as the main goal and more attention on changing structure and muscle restrictions. There is no distinct separation between a "regular" massage and a deep tissue massage. Though the skills and tools of deep tissue work are marked by characteristics like depth of pressure and use of elbows, forearms and knuckles. Yes, I do deep tissue massage and will at times slowdown to use deep methods when I need to soften tissues during a deep tissue massage. The cost is an extra $10.00


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