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Doug has been giving me massage for quite awhile. I have problems with my neck. I feel better after the massage and I have better range of motion with my neck.

Dottie S

I met Doug back in Daytona in October 2007 and I never had had a relaxing massage before. I was not sure if I would like it, if I would be able to relax and, as I am very ticklish, if I would even stand it ;-)) But I said to myself, all they are giving me here is so perfect, why should this not be perfect as well … and I signed up and had set the route for my first in life time massage and relaxing session. 10 Minutes worth half a day in the SPA, I don’t know how all the techniques are called but they felt great, muscles relaxed and my brain manage to turn off thinking for a few moments. I felt so, so good afterwards, fresh and ready to absorb more information at the seminar. I was very lucky as I had the honor of receiving Doug’s massage again this year in May and again he managed to make disappear the tiredness out of my body, being gentle and kind and always laughing, an asset that today too few people actually have! Thank You Doug, these two chair massages you gave me were wonderful and I hope to have soon a new possibility to appreciate it again!

All the very best Your Kasia G. from Vienna, Austria


"The best description of Doug is that he gives a great massage and has a great personality. After my massage I felt I could finish my day’s work relaxed."

Elizabeth S


Doug is quite a guy! He really cares about his clients and he shows it. He always eases the stress and tightness in my upper back and shoulders, and I come away feeling better both physically and emotionally. He’s one of those people that you feel instantly at ease with.

Linda S

I have known Doug Dawson for over a year now, and not only is he one of the nicest and honest men you will ever meet, he gives the best massage you will ever have.

My husband was in the military for over 20 years and we have traveled the world.  I have had massages in Korea , the Caribbean , Indonesia , Hong Kong and all over the United States .  I can honestly say none of them compare to the massages Doug has given me.

I promise, you will never want to get off the table."  

Lynda Parker

"When I walk into Doug’s therapy room, tense with the stresses and anxieties of everyday life, all my problems dwindle away for the entirety of that session! It’s like a cloud is removed from my head and when I leave there is a new cloud is beneath my feet!  "

Casey Caldwell

"Doug does a great job of  relaxing me and then my entire ecoskeletal system gets the royal treatment."

Larry Smith

Serving Northern Pinellas County and Southern Pasco County.

Clearwater, Countryside, Dunedin,
East Lake, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor,
Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor, Largo, Holiday, 7 Springs and New Port Richey


Massage by Doug Dawson

Massage Fusion
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All About Group
Chair Massage

The massage chair was developed in 1984 by David Palmer, who is known as the father of contemporary chair massage. Sales of the Massage chair started in 1986 and since that time tens of thousands have been sold. Seated massage has existed since ancient times, and has become a very important and popular method of relieving stress and soothing sore muscles.

Chair massage can also be very relaxing and calming.

I've given chair massage that has just about made the client stagger as they left because they were so relaxed. There are clients that I've massaged that have been big and muscular that I've loosened up, relieved of pain and increased range of motion who have told me that I'm the only one that has been able to apply enough strength to bring them relief and give them that kind of a workout.

I am able to provide what ever kind of chair massage is needed, whether it be gentle or very powerful, or both!

I will bring my very comfortable massage chair to your office, house party, conference, meeting or event and give your employees/attendees a wonderfully relaxing chair massage that will take away tense and sore muscles & give complete relaxation.

Chair Massage at a Large Seminar or Event

I brought my massage chair to an event in the Daytona Beach Hilton hotel once. There were many people there and I set up my chair down the hall from the seminar where there was privacy and I played a relaxing CD. Throughout the day people from the seminar filtered in and I gave them 10 minute massages and everyone just loved it and when they returned to the conference room they told others just how wonderful they felt. Everyone was talking about my massages and how it was a perfect addition to the event!!

"Our boss surprises us with chair massages from time to time and there are smiles all through our office when we see Doug come through our front door!

We patiently wait our own turn for the chair massage knowing that we will get quick relief from stress, aches and pains.

Besides being a great massage therapist, Doug is also a great person to talk to. He has become our well as our very welcome massage therapist."

Linda Smith
Office Administrator
Momentum Media Group
Tarpon Springs, FL
(I'd be glad to give Doug a rousing reference!)

I was asked to massage at another event that was held in Celebration Florida where I set up my massage chair in one of the guest rooms down the hall from the conference. I brought my CD player and played soothing music as I massaged the attendees for 15 minutes each, Some of them were at the same event where I was in Daytona Beach and they where very happy to be able to receive my special touch once again!! I heard that some had actually been hoping that I would be at this event. One of the attendees said to me "I came all the way from Australia just to get your massage".

I love working at events and anyplace where I get the chance to show people just how much better I can make them feel, how I can relieve them of their stress and pains. How I can improve their mood, calm their nerves and give them a second wind where they feel ready to face anything that is thrown at them!

Please contact me for possible travel to other areas outside of the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Travel to other parts of Florida are possible for Events & Seminars. Travel expenses will need to be reimbursed.

Schedule A Chair Massage

Chair massage is quite a treat for everyone because it feels so good and is also good for you!!

$1.50/ minute--any amount of time you wish to schedule, any amount of people

There is a $100.00 minimum for Group Chair Massage






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Doug A.Dawson
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